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  • Carmen 2:19 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    speaking of hair… 

    Do you think this lady looks like a lesbian?  Not that there is anything wrong with that. However, I am trying to not look like a lesbian but my hair is growing out and I need a good in between cut.  I really like this cut but I’m afraid if I got it I would look like a lesbian from the 80′s.  I think my end goal cut will be this last picture.

    • Emilily 2:34 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      Unfortunately, I agree with you – the woman in the top three pictures looks like a lesbian with that haircut. I say unfortunately because I too like the cut, and I like her style, but the two together look very lesbian. Cool, chic lesbian, but lesbo nonetheless. I have the same dilemma, because I really like a menswear-ish clothing style, and I am going to have short (shorter) hair soon, and I am really wondering how on earth I am going to avoid looking like a lesbian. I have nothing wrong with lesbians, but I don’t want to look like one. (Same as there is nothing inherently wrong with 15-year-old boys, and I don’t want to look like one of those either, but I am afraid that I will at some point in the very near future look like a combination of the two.)

      Yasmine’s hair is absolutely gorgeous. You are so lucky that your hair, with the right styling products, can probably look exactly like hers. That’s probably similar to the haircut I have now, but on curly hair…I’ll bet you can rock that in a few months, until then…maybe just avoid wearing collared shirts, shoulder pads, and blazers.

    • Carmen 2:54 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      Will do.
      On the other subject:
      I wonder how you can spice up your soon-to-be 15 yr old boy/ Lesbian look…. Perhaps a colorful scarf? Some earrings? Or its possible that the only thing they will allow is a rosy color to the lips?

    • Emilily 3:01 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      I am honestly not sure. I know make-up is allowed (after basic) as long as it is not “unnatural in color” like no electric blue eyeshadow or black lipstick. Earrings…there are some restrictions as far as size…I think you’re kind of limited to studs, too. I suppose since you have to be 18 to join, the uniform won’t make me look like a 15-year-old boy, although looking like an 18-year old boy is no better. There is a version of the uniform with a skirt and heels, so…now we’re back to lesbian.

      Hey, here’s a question for you – do you think Kara Thrace looks like a lesbian?

    • Carmen 3:30 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      You mean this Kara???
      (how do i post a picture in the comments section?)
      I have no idea if she looks like a lesbian. All I know is she’s hot and I’d do her. Ahh just kidding (i think my grandma reads this blog)! I’m not a lesbian grandma!

    • Emilily 4:23 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink


      Yeah, that Kara! And even in the earlier episodes when she had shorter hair, she didn’t really look like a lesbian to me, she just looked hot! But, I am a girl, so then by default…does that mean she does look like a lesbian? It’s all such a gray area…

    • Carmen 4:25 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      show off

    • Emilily 4:27 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      ha ha.

      I just go back to the last post that had a picture in the comments and copy the html and replace the image source with the new image, and the image dimensions with the new dimensions. For some reason, it doesn’t show up the first time you save the post, you have to copy the new code, save the post, go back into edit the post, paste the code back in, and the second time it shows up. Don’t know why, but it works every time.

    • Carmen 4:34 pm on December 3, 2009 Permalink

      Thats alot of work. I think I’ll leave it to you to do all that. Good job.

    • Olga 3:33 am on December 4, 2009 Permalink

      Splitting hairs. Not everybody is as conscious of style nuances as you two are. Or maybe it’s me that has no eye for style or gender preference coding. I think that it takes way more than a haircut to make a woman look lesbian. The shoes, clothes and mannerisms are really what set the bar for women trying to show the world that they like other women. I mean what about Halle Berry? She has had some pretty short hair and not once did I think “oh, she’s a dyke” But take your Kara for example. She does not have short hair but she could easily be taken for a lesbian. It’s all in the way you carry yourself and act. Not in the cut of your hair. That’s my opinion anyway. So there.

    • Carmen 9:25 am on December 4, 2009 Permalink

      Oh logical reasoning, why do you vex me so???

  • Carmen 6:00 pm on November 30, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    movie review, sort of… 

    So I tried to watch Bride Wars last night.  I only got half way through which could be attributed to the late hour but also because the movie hadn’t made me angry yet and I wanted to quit while I was ahead. (high five?)  You know what my forte is? What I reeeaaaally excel at? Overthinking.  Yeah.  Is this a bad thing? I’m not sure yet (I haven’t overthought my tendency to overthink yet (its on the list of things to do this weekend)).  So, I think a “normal” person could watch this movie and just enjoy the minimal amount of humor it has and be done with it.  But I have to analyze its quality and its impact on our society and wonder what kinds of messages is it really sending to all the women out there and is it harmful or not harmful, and then it just starts making me angry.  Like, who are these women??  I don’t know any women who have been saving and planning for their wedding since they were 16. Do you?  I know I haven’t been dreaming of a wedding for any length of time.  But I know they exist or else why would all these movies and tv shows about them exist? Is it an outdated idea thats left over from the 50′s?  Or is it a healthy characteristic that I was not taught about?  Am I weird? Or are they weird?  Honestly, it doesn’t really matter.  What concerns me is if young ladies (like teenagers) watch these millions of movies made about weddings and believe that that is the way to behave.  Because if that happens we’re all fucked and irrational bridezillas will take over the planet!  (Yeah, I’d watch that movie!)  Hopefully these teenagers will just appreciate it for the half-way comedy that it is and just forget about it.  Which is exactly what I am going to attempt to do tonight as I finish watching it.  I can do it!

    On a somewhat separate note, I already know exactly whats going to happen all the way through this movie. As I have said before, these writers have no imagination and the whole story follows a very narrow and predictable line of reasoning.  But I’ll let you know if they surprise me.

    • Emilily 6:55 pm on November 30, 2009 Permalink

      Well, I am not sure about all that. Probably because I need to improve my over-thinking skills.

      I have not spent any time planning for my wedding, aside form the random comment about how insanely expensive they are and that I am never going to be duped into spending $300 for a floral centerpiece or some nonsense. I do know a few girls who fall prey to the bridal fever, and I know of even more mothers who have spent considerable time and money in planning for this event. I think it is something left over from more traditional family roles, and yes, probably some 50′s values. I am willing to be that those silly women who came up with National Men Make Dinner Day had been picking out bridesmaid dresses since Junior High!

      Okay, now that I think about it, the wedding planning goes waaaay back. Have you ever heard of a hope chest? (Also called, disturbingly, a glory box.) It is for a woman’s family to save all kinds of valuable things in that she will be given when she weds. Like one big Christmas for matrimony. And what about a dowry? Parents had to plan the wedding ahead of time, how else would they land a suitable husband? No wonder a girl was encouraged to get excited about her big day – for her, it might have been the only silver lining in the whole sold-into-domestic-slavery transaction. Families have been planning how to unload their female offspring for ages, and I bet women have been plotting on how to escape watchful eyes of parents for just as long. Only today when marriage seems so impermanent, when women are free to leave the house and pursue their own desires, husband or no, when aspiring to be a housewife shows a lack of personal ambition rather than good wholesome values, does all the wedding planning become optional, superfluous. I don’t think we are weird to not sit around thinking about seating charts and color schemes, I think we are evolved, and the entertainment and media industries are simply lagging a few decades behind.

    • Atom Ant 5:37 am on December 1, 2009 Permalink

      It’s sick … really. I always wonder what kind of person would think movies like that are funny. Bride Wars, Runaway Bride, My best friends wedding, The Wedding Planner, the list goes on and on. Stupid, predictable, marginally funny at best. This is true with 98% of romantic comedies. So my conclusion is that these movies were made for 98% of the (female?) population. So, with a few simple calculations… 304,059,724 / 2 = 152,029,862 X 0.98 = a butt load of people out there who are just plain idiots. And to further my point, lets just ask Jerry Springer how much money he’s made off of this country’s toxic, brainwashed, obese by choice, drugged, alcoholic population?
      I’m sure that everybody reading this is in the 2% of the population who actually have a functional brain.

  • Carmen 11:41 am on November 30, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Karl Lagerfeld is designing these helmets, I’m thinking about getting one for riding my bike. What do you think?


    • Emilily 12:25 pm on November 30, 2009 Permalink

      Ironically, I think he is counting on people liking these after they have sustained a head injury.

      Or perhaps Lagerfeld is one step ahead of me and is using irony as a clever means of commenting on the world of high fashion. If I play along and put my pseudo-intellectual bullshit cap on, this image says to me: models are retarded, or maybe, handicap people can be stylish too.

    • Emilily 12:30 pm on November 30, 2009 Permalink

      Also, I really like her eye make-up.

      (I felt I should add something nice, since my previous comment was pretty offensive to models, handicap people, head-trauma victims, and Karl Lagerfeld.)

    • Carmen 12:36 pm on November 30, 2009 Permalink

      I think if I got this helmet it might make people want to run me over… thus, it would come in handy at some point. Karl is so clever!

  • Carmen 1:02 pm on November 25, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    so pretty…  on sale on gilt today by Jonathan Kelsey…


  • Carmen 12:37 pm on November 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    LHC update… 

    I just wanted to update you on the progress of the Large Hadron Collider.  Apparently, thier website gives out bulletins keeping everyone up to speed.  Unfortunately, these updates make no sense at all and are only written in their super secret science language.  So, I’d like to take a stab at translating for everyone (i’m talking to you emily (and my mom) since you’re the only one reading this).  Here is their bulletin, and here is my translation:

    “We have been shooting beams of energy into these pipes since last week and they have gotten about half way around this big ass circle we built.  We’re using some really expensive and sensitive equipment to track the particles moving around in there and so far, nothing has broken.  Pretty soon we’re going to start shooting particles into another tube going the opposite direction and in about a week we should be able to see these particles getting into some head-on collisions.”

    So there is your update, not too exciting yet.  Even if I don’t understand the specifics of what they are talking about I love reading bulletins that talk about such things as: “beams dumped just upstream of  the experiment cavern.” and “particles produced by the impact of the protons on the tertiary collimators left their tracks in the calorimeters and the muon chambers of the experiment.”

    And here’s a bonus if you are interested in learning the facts about a baguette being the guilty party in the LHC’s emergency shut down.

    • Atom Ant 5:17 pm on November 23, 2009 Permalink

      I beg your pardon? Emily is the only one reading? Far from true my little lily pad. I am a religious reader.

    • Carmen 5:29 pm on November 23, 2009 Permalink

      Ay dios mio! my apologies! I didn’t mean to exclude any of our religious readers. Please allow me to edit that part out…

  • Carmen 12:08 pm on November 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    What is going on here?? 

    From the Victoria Secret fashion show last night (which gets more and more ridiculous every year)…


    • olga 4:28 am on November 21, 2009 Permalink

      I’ll tell you what is going on. God has made a serious error with those legs! Where does she put them when she is on an airplane? On the poor schmucks shoulders sitting in the row in front of her?m Also, it’s hard to tell if she is missing her torso due to the gold-plated foliage. I’m concerned about her ability to process food. From this angle it looks like there is some hard core misappropriation of proportions on this girl. Somebody better call a 911 fashion emergency!

    • Emilily 10:59 am on November 23, 2009 Permalink

      Aside from Olga’s very astute comments above, I also object to their portrayal of people from the future (I think that is what they are implying with all that metallic nonsense?) because I think people from the future will have the good sense to stop wearing lucite platform stripper heels.

  • Carmen 1:00 pm on November 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    I just thought you might want to see the most recent picture of Helena Bonham Carter… just to bask in her awesomeness.  And just so you know, when my hair grows out this is what it will look like.


    • Emilily 10:56 am on November 23, 2009 Permalink

      Helena Bonham Carter is awesome, and I think she should totally be your hair muse. When Alice in Wonderland comes out, you should watch it and get ideas for future hair styles. Probably you should also start working from home so you can rock hair like this every day.

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    Lucid dreaming… 

    This last weekend we hosted a christening party for our friends who just had a baby (max is the godfather!). And I was chatting with an interesting woman who was telling me how lucid dreaming helped her friend overcome a traumatic event.  I had never heard of this method before but logically it made sense to me.  And then! after i went to sleep I proceeded to have multiple bad dreams! The dreams don’t sound that bad in the light of day:

    Playing with my niece Violet in the verdant landscape outside my dream house, its a beautiful sunny day.  Out of the corner of my eye I spot a Moose trotting towards us! I say “Holy shit, its a fucking moose!” (keep in mind, I don’t cuss like that in my waking life, only in my dreams).  Knowing what I do about moose I grab Violet and take off running, trying to be quiet and stealthy but I can see the moose tracking us so I tell Violet to be really quiet and we hide underneath some bushes.  But I can hear old moose creeping up with his heavy hooves and I know I’m about to get trampled to death. And then I wake up.

    After a couple other bad dreams I can’t seem to relax and I’m just laying there all tense and stressed out.  And then I remembered what I learned about lucid dreaming…  So I put myself back in the dream and imagine it happening all over again.  Except this time I yell at the moose “Hey Moose! You can’t terrorize me here! This is MY dream motherfucker!”

    And then I slept peacefully for the rest of the night.  If you ever have bad dreams you should try it out!

    • Emilily 5:56 pm on November 17, 2009 Permalink

      Well, I read that Wikipedia article, and it was quite interesting. I do this sometimes, although I didn’t know what it was called, its just that sometimes in the middle of the dream, I’m like “oh, this is just a dream” and sometimes I wake up, sometimes not (well, obviously I wake up eventually!)

      What do you think was going on with your dream? I wonder what your dream house looks like? I did some research on the symbology of moose, and here’s what I got:

      According to Native American totem mythology…“One of the most ancient and unique power animals, the Moose energy brings in the power of self-esteem through recognizing ones own strengths and place in society….” In Pagan mythology, moose energy…“symbolizes expressing joy of accomplishment, not in a boasting way or to seek recognition…”, and is at “her” peak during late autumn. Were you running away from your self-worth? Since I don’t put a lot of stock in mythology, I should point out that the moose is also the Abercrombie & Fitch logo.

      All kidding aside, though, Wikipedia says “In terms of raw numbers, they attack more people than bears and wolves combined…” So it’s probably good you ran.

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    Saw this in the window the other night, not sure what to make of it.  Trying to figure out how to insert a joke about the Second Amendment but I’m not sure anyone would get it.  Any suggestions?

    bear arms

    • Emilily 1:12 pm on November 11, 2009 Permalink

      How about…
      Nordstrom’s celebrates the much anticipated update to the second amendment, providing for “the right to bear arms, and an alligator ass”

    • Emilily 1:25 pm on November 11, 2009 Permalink

      Ok, it’s been like 13 minutes and I still haven’t gotten an LOL. I was making a pun. BEAR as in Grizzly, and ARMS as in limbs…(pause)*…I’ll try harder next time.

      *I often think the funniest part of puns is afterwards, in that awkward pause that occurs between the teller having to explain their pun and then apologizing for making it in the first place.

    • Carmen 2:17 pm on November 11, 2009 Permalink

      Oh, I’m sorry i’m late on my laugh, i had to eat lunch! (i refuse to say LOL) I get your pun man, but thank you for explaining it anyways for all our lazy readers who don’t feel like looking up the second amendment. Good job!

    • Olga 4:00 am on November 12, 2009 Permalink

      In these stressful economically woeful times I’m so glad to see that the retailers understand and will help us by selling us our fur coats in sections. Next week they will have just the bodice for sell?

  • Carmen 7:07 pm on November 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    More tiltshift goodness… 

    From a roof on a beautiful day…


    • Emilily 3:53 pm on November 9, 2009 Permalink

      I agree, Tiltshift is awesome. I took this picture of my grandma over the weekend, and first it was a bit creepy with the candlelight and all, but then I applied a little tiltshift, and voila!


      However, I think it works best on landscapes, or images that are brighter to start with.

  • Carmen 1:54 pm on November 8, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Sunday morning food styling… 

    Max made french toast with apples!

    • Emilily 4:11 pm on November 9, 2009 Permalink

      That looks delicious!!!

  • Carmen 7:58 pm on November 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    everything looks better in tiltshift… 

    This is a sister post to the one you did earlier on the TiltShiftGen app.  Everywhere I look I keep thinking it would look better in tiltshift.  I just love how it saturates everything and brightens it all up.  So, for you viewing pleasure…

    The view outside my work window… The remnants of a delicious chocolate cake from a great place called Bar Jules…  And the GG bridge at sunset.



  • Carmen 1:24 pm on November 3, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Laser fusion and stuff… 

    So, as I’m sure you know (!), the large hadron collider (LHC) is going to be starting up again in the next couple of weeks after that disappointing FAIL last year.  I feel like they are putting a whole lot of expectations on this thing.  I mean, they have spent SO much money to get this thing built, and its so huge (in terms of the space it takes up) and yet it is based on concepts and theories.  I admit that my knowledge of whats going on in the LHC is quite sparse so I’m going to assume that they had some very convincing data to get the kind of money they needed to build it in the beginning.  I mean, they don’t even know if the Higgs Boson exists but they plan on finding it!  I’m going to suspend my judgment and of course give them the benefit of the doubt because I truly want them to find everything they are looking for.    What I’m really hoping for is for a stargate to open up right the middle of that thing! That would be awesome!


    I also came across this article while reading about the LHC which I find wholly incredible and exciting.  In case you don’t feel like reading the article, its about the very real possibility of creating unlimited energy for the world without the toxic waste that comes with electric and nuclear plants.  I feel like this should have been figured out a long time ago and it probably would have if greed did not exist.  I’m sure that technology in this area has been held back because people have been making way too much money on oil and energy in general.  Anyways, this new “National Ignition Facility”, which is in California (high five!) and starts up in 2010 and is also based on a theory (which they must have proven at some point to get the 3.5 billion start up cost).  The theory: “scientists will use the world’s most powerful laser to create 192 separate beams of light that will be directed at a bead of frozen hydrogen in a violent burst lasting five billionths of a second…the intense beams produce a powerful shockwave that crunches the fuel pellet at a million miles an hour, generating temperatures of around 100,000,000C. Under such extreme conditions, which are found only in the core of stars, the hydrogen atoms will fuse, producing helium and vast amounts of energy.”  Woah.


    • Emilily 3:25 pm on November 10, 2009 Permalink

      Okay, this reply is long overdue, but I had to set aside enough time to read all those articles. It’s so important to keep up on the science!

      First, the one from The Guardian about the LHC. I think it is amazing they fixed the problem already, I mean, a machine of that scale, with such specific conditions required to work, it’s no wonder it had a few problems! Do you think it is really possible it could create a black hole that will swallow the earth? I also like these guys, they have taken skepticism to a whole new fascinating level: …another group of physicists [who] say the production of Higgs bosons may be so abhorrent to nature that their creation would ripple backwards through time to stop the collider before it could make one, like a time traveller trying to halt his own birth. Wow! Seriously, if humanity is going to destroy itself, that would be way cooler than slowly poisoning ourselves with our own sewage and pollution.

      I followed the link to the Wikipedia article on the Higgs Boson particle, and I’d just like to say, way to go Wikipedia, every link in that article led to another article that made even less sense than the first, like one of those Russian nesting dolls of obscure physics theories. In order to understand the God Particle, I had to read about scalar physics, which is “distinguished by its invariance under a Lorentz transformation, hence the name “scalar,” in contrast to a vector or tensor field. The quanta of the quantized scalar field are spin-zero particles, and as such are bosons.” I cannot even remember what I was originally reading about, but I did learn a new word! Quanta-the minimum unit of any physical entity involved in an interaction, and an entity is quantized when it is reduced to this minimum. I can’t use it in a sentence, but I feel like at least I have prevented one small fraction of this information from flying right over my head.

      I am sure this article about the National Ignition Facility and a potential clean, unlimited energy source is fascinating, but the time-bending dark-matter-spawning particle accelerator is a tough act to follow. Although, you make a good point about why haven’t we figured this out already – maybe if everyone weren’t focused on fixing the 60 billion dollar short-circuit at CERN, or manufacturing cars that have 3 rows of seats and DVD players instead of electric engines, we would have made some more progress on this by now.

    • Carmen 3:51 pm on November 10, 2009 Permalink

      Well, I hate to inundate you with even more information but another article regarding this so-called Higgs and its abhorrent nature which makes people want to time travel came out in the NYTimes – Collider article
      This will clear things up a little about the time traveling bit.
      I don’t know what you said about scalar and quanta-thes but it sounds good to me! And about black holes – yes, apparently black holes are being formed all the time so need to worry about them swallowing the planet. And if that should happen it will be super exciting! Looking forward to it!

    • Emilily 4:50 pm on November 10, 2009 Permalink

      That was AWESOME!!! Forces from the future are coming back to thwart the LHR!?! I was semi-mocking the whole idea in my last reply, but I have to say, once I learned this Dr. Holger Bech Nielsen is one of the founders of String Theory and a widely respected physicist (although I think they used the term “deep thinker” rather than “physicist” but same difference)…well, I can only say, this feeling is similar to what a 9-yr-old might experience if they suddenly found out that Santa Claus really did exist, after all.

    • Carmen 5:35 pm on November 10, 2009 Permalink

      yeah, i can’t wait for Christmas (the collider to start up)!

  • Carmen 2:01 pm on October 30, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Our universe… 

    You just blew my mind University of Utah.

    • Emilily 5:15 pm on October 30, 2009 Permalink

      Dude, this is awesome.

      How do you pronounce that thing: µ? According to microsoft office, it is called a Micro sign, but I think it is a Latin character…does it have a name?

  • Carmen 9:10 pm on October 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Speaking of tea… 

    Thanks to my sister I’ve been drinking alot of this green tea called Kukicha or Twig Tea.  Its really good and tastes like a forest or something, I can’t quite put my finger on it.  After a little research I have read that it is a balance between bittersweet and umami (one of the five generally recognized basic tastes sensed by specialized receptor cells present on the human tongue, some people would refer to it as savory).  Its also macrobiotic and it supposedly balances the acidity in your body!  Not only does it alkalinize your body it also is a good source of calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, and fluoride! I could go on and on, but really its just tasty.


    • Olga 3:39 am on October 29, 2009 Permalink

      So I’m reading your comments on the twig tea… zinc, yeah ok, copper, good, manganese, healthy, fluoride SCREECH HALT WHAT!!! FLUORIDE? You mean the very same that the Germans used on prisoners of war to keep them docile and dumbed-down? That fluoride? Or the fluoride that causes bone cancer in rodents? How about the fluoride that causes brain damage due to fluoride toxicity? Are you drinking that fluoride? If you think I’m over reacting to the dangers of fluoride Carmen.. you have nobody but yourself to blame. I took your suggestion about podcasts from http://www.howstuffworks.com I can not say enough about their podcast! I love it, I listen to it every day on my way to work. You should listen to the one on fluoride, you might think twice about adding more of that toxic mineral to your diet!

    • Carmen 9:47 am on October 29, 2009 Permalink

      Whoa, wow, ok ok I will do that! I assumed it was the fluoride put in the water in Texas that made my teeth so strong but I obviously don’t know that much about fluoride. I’m really glad you’ve been liking the podcasts, you must be learning alot! I’ll have some more podcast recommendations for you soon. Until then I’m gonna keep drinking this tea even though it might have fluoride in it. It comes from twigs! How bad can it be!

    • KRISTOPHER DUKES 5:38 pm on October 30, 2009 Permalink

      That sounds lovely, but I’m a sucker for matcha. Matcha’s powdered green tea leaves that you mix with water to create a beautiful jade tea with froth.

      Or you can just snort lines of it.


  • Carmen 10:49 am on October 27, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    I was checking out these Photos from Russia taken in the early 1900′s when color photography was just being invented.  I love all the photos, especially this one of Austrian prisoners of war near a barrack, near Kiappeselga in 1915:

    russian photo

    • Emilily 11:09 am on October 27, 2009 Permalink

      Wow, I totally dig that photo, too. Something about the reclining pair in the front, and the jaunty hat angle of the standing guy in the white blouse, says summer camp to me, not Austrian prisoner of war barracks. Plus, it really looks like the second guy from the right has a Heineken in his lap.

  • Carmen 12:15 pm on October 21, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    Speaking of apps… 

    I also downloaded the TiltShiftGen app which allows you to take a picture and then render it to look like you are looking at a miniature mock up of the real thing.  It works really well and the photos look super cute.  Go get it! You will like it!

    (i did not take this pic btw)

    tiltshift pic

    • Emilily 1:29 pm on October 22, 2009 Permalink

      These apps looks super cool. I am definitely going to buy this TiltShift Generator, and look into those Bloom and Trope (and Air?) apps.

      Hey – does this mean you have an iPhone now?!?!

    • Carmen 9:51 pm on October 22, 2009 Permalink

      I’m testing out Max’s old iphone but i’m still using my tmobile dash as my main phone. In December I’ll be making the switch!

    • Emilily 10:33 am on October 23, 2009 Permalink

      Awesome! There is an app that will let me track your phone with GPS, so we can always see where the other one is! That will be fun! Or is it creepy? Nah. Fun.

    • Carmen 11:20 am on October 23, 2009 Permalink

      it will only be creepy sometimes.

    • Olga 2:07 am on October 24, 2009 Permalink

      There is an app for that Emililyly! I just found it and downloaded it. It’s called “Loopt” I downloaded Trope and Bloom too. They give me something to do during meetings. ( on silence of course) Trope works for doodling.

  • Carmen 8:40 pm on October 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    Bloom and Trope 

    Well, maybe you already know about these beautiful apps but on the offchance that you don’t I think you should zip on over to itunes and buy them immediately!  They are created by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers.  And its all flipping brilliant.  Thats all i’m going to say.

  • Carmen 10:59 am on October 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply


    I get existential angst alot.  Its all a mystery, and quite a dark mystery at that.  I mean, we’re surrounded by all this weird stuff like wasps that lay eggs in the bellies of spiders and dark matter and dreams – what’s that all about?  Nobody knows.  Our own brains are the most confounding things ever.  I’ve been thinking alot about who we are when we’re born.  Are we born with a personality or character or is it all nurtured in?  I was holding a baby last week, he was only two weeks old.  He was totally quiet and just looking at me.  It was a pretty weird moment.  Where did this little guy come from (besides the obvious)?  Is there a soul in there?  Is there an original identity in there?  Or were those big blue eyes just absorbing it all and pathways just forming in his little brain?  Was his brain born with a collective consciousness of millions of years?  It doesn’t really matter I guess, I just like thinking about it.  This all brings me to my new show – warning, this is super nerdy and probably not in a good way – Stargate Universe.  Now, I know, Stargate? Really? with MacGyver?  I release all my preconceived notions of Stargate lameness because my love for science fiction has taken over.  I love Battlestar Galactica for its human struggles – Cylons trying to figure out what it means to be human and humans wondering the same thing as their species dwindles.  Its great!  From what I’ve seen of Stargate it brings in much more of the science fiction theories that I love (wormholes and whatnot) although the reviews I’ve read say that this new branch of the “stargate franchise” (called Universe) will be much like Battlestar Galactica with the dark human stuff.  So I looked up Stargate on wikipedia and holy shit there is a whole lotta stuff going on!  I don’t know why I’m surprised at the depth, this thing has been going on for over 10 years.  Maybe surprised is the wrong word for what I’m feeling.  I think its – impressed.  And excited.  Because, as we all know, science fiction is just a preview of whats going to happen in the future.  So far I haven’t seen any giant wasps on Stargate so hopefully our distant future is free from that.

    • Emilily 11:23 am on October 20, 2009 Permalink

      Whoa. 10 seasons of SG-1, 5 of Stargate Atlantis, a handful of feature films, and now Stargate Universe!? We’re going to be watching this show until it is no longer science fiction. We’ll be introducing our alien friends to it.

    • Emilily 11:27 am on October 20, 2009 Permalink

      You mean MacGyver, as in Inspector Gadget+James Bond=My-next-ex-boyfriend?

  • Carmen 9:39 am on October 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    My morning ride… 

    So, you know I’ve been riding my bike to work since May? I’m kind of impressed with myself because when I bought the bike I remember thinking to myself “gee, i hope i can keep this up.”  And the fact that its October and I still ride about 10 miles a day is surprising even to myself.  Especially because I grew up telling myself and anyone who would listen that I very much disliked riding bikes.  I think we can blame my sister for that though since she took every chance possible to force me into riding with her.  She once made me ride like 30 miles all the way to Ojai.  I was so mad.  Now I would gladly do that! How fun! Anyways, I have figured out that since May I have probably ridden around 880 miles total, and I’m still in love with it.  Here is a view that I pass by every morning at about 7:45 am.  Every morning its different but its always beautiful.


    • Emilily 2:57 pm on October 17, 2009 Permalink

      Wow, your morning ride is beautiful! On Monday, I will take a picture of my morning commute for you! I am impressed with your bike riding, and I think we have similar bike riding histories – I always thought I did not like riding bikes, until I got my bike, and now I ride it like 4-5 days a week…to the gym, to the grocery store, to the beach, or just around the block. I am pretty sure I haven’t ridden 880 miles though, that seems like a lot.

      Hey! The Sartorialist is going to be in San Francisco next week – maybe you should dress up really euro and ride your bike back and forth in front of the store where he is doing his book signing! He likes chicks with 1) cool hair and 2) on bikes…and if you wear something double-breasted or cuffed at the ankle, you might get lucky!!! That would be so awesome, you would be my hero, even more than you are now!

    • Emilily 8:12 pm on October 18, 2009 Permalink

      It just occurred to me that maybe not everyone reading our blog will know who The Sartorialist is, and that above comment could be misinterpreted. He is a fashion photographer who started a very popular street-style blog, so by “get lucky,” I meant, be photographed for the blog. That’s it.

    • Carmen 9:17 pm on October 19, 2009 Permalink

      I have quite a bit working against me if I wanted to get shot by the sartorialist. And when I say “shot” I mean by a camera, not a gun. First, I’m not a model, secondly, can you believe I don’t own anything double-breasted? And I can’t ride my bike without a helmet which is the opposite of fashionable… so….I don’t think its an option. But it was a good daydream while it lasted!

  • Carmen 4:54 pm on October 13, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga 

    I bet you are thinking – wtf?  And I agree. Totally wtf.  I don’t know if you hate spiders as much as I do but I learned something today that really makes me thankful to be the dominant species on the planet (other than viruses).  First I learned about a spider that is vegetarian who has a symbiotic relationship with “fearsome wasp-like ants”!  Then, from that article, I learned about another spider/wasp relationship that is way more horrific.  A wasp called the Hymenoepicsekljfklsdjf whatever – the Hymeno-turn-you-into-a-zombie wasp! AHHHHH!  Listen to this!

    “The adult female wasp temporarily paralyzes the spider and lays an egg on its abdomen. The egg hatches into a larva which sucks the spider’s blood through small holes, while the spider goes on about its normal web building and insect catching behavior for the next one to two weeks. When the larva is ready to pupate, it injects a chemical into the spider, causing it to build a web whose design is completely different from any it has ever made, and then to sit motionless in the middle of this web. The wasp larva then molts, kills the spider with a poison and sucks its body dry before discarding it and building a cocoon that hangs from the middle of the web the spider has just built. The larva pupates inside the cocoon, then emerges to mate and begin the cycle over again.”

    OH MY God, I’m freaking out.  What if these wasps somehow figure out how to do that to humans one day?! Or worse what if the government figures out what kind of chemical the wasps are using and then uses it on us?!  Or what if we do deep space travel eventually and find a planet with giant insects and spiders as the dominant species but then we can’t leave because our spaceship is broken?!  I’m never leaving the house again.

    • olga 3:45 am on October 14, 2009 Permalink

      Don’t worry Carmen, humans have been trying for centuries to get silk to come out their behinds, never works. All we get is poop and it is really difficult to spin a web with that stuff.

    • Emilily 9:36 am on October 14, 2009 Permalink

      Oh no. You listened to the RadioLab podcast on parasites, didn’t you?!?! That wasp thing is soooo disgusting. I seriously worried about the same thing, what if those wasps evolve and can lay their eggs in us?!?! Or what if we someday discover some other insect that has a similar toxin that does have an affect on humans, there could be something like this living in the rainforests right now! And what about the one where the fly larva was growing in that guys scalp and he just left it there? I think they should sell purse-sized cans, just like pepper-spray, of nasty parasitical insect and alien repellent.

    • Emilily 10:54 am on October 16, 2009 Permalink

      That wasp-spider thing was so gross, I had to go find another.

      The female wasp of this species, the emerald cockroach wasp or jewel wasp (Ampulex compressa) stings a roach (specificially a Periplaneta americana, Periplaneta australasiae or Nauphoeta rhombifolia) twice, delivering venom into specific ganglia of the roach. She delivers an initial sting to a thoracic ganglion and injects venom to mildly and reversibly paralyze the front legs of the insect. This facilitates the second venomous sting at a carefully chosen spot in the roach’s head ganglia (brain), in the section that controls the escape reflex. As a result of this sting, the roach will first groom extensively, and then become sluggish and fail to show normal escape responses.

      The wasp proceeds to chew off half of each of the roach’s antennae. Researchers believe that the Wasp chews off the antenna to replenish fluids or possibly to regulate the amount of venom because too much could kill and too little would let the victim recover before the larva has grown. The wasp, which is too small to carry the roach, then leads the victim to the wasp’s burrow, by pulling one of the roach’s antennae in a manner similar to a leash. Once they reach the burrow, the wasp lays a white egg, about 2 mm long, on the roach’s abdomen.

      With its escape reflex disabled, the stung roach will simply rest in the burrow as the wasp’s egg hatches after about three days. The hatched larva feeds for 4–5 days on the exterior of the roach, then chews its way into its abdomen. Over a period of eight days, the wasp larva consumes the roach’s internal organs in an order which guarantees that the roach will stay alive, at least until the larva enters the pupal stage and forms a cocoon inside the roach’s body.

      I fully believe that there are people out there right now experimenting with toxins such as these. All we can hope is that they make us to do cool stuff like in Aeon Flux, like construct one of those giant utopian dome cities, or colonize other planets, and none of that gross waspy stuff.

    • Carmen 11:25 am on October 16, 2009 Permalink

      Holy Crap! That is just so wrong! Clearly these wasps need to take an ethics class.

    • jeremy 9:50 pm on March 17, 2012 Permalink

      Ive been seeing these wasps at my house for the last 3 years now. It took me a while to figure out what they were. They look alot like mosquito hawks, and only come out at night. One stung me while driving in my car one night. It felt like an ant bite, not too bad. But it scared the $h*t out of me because it was at night and i didnt know what it was. Theyre originally from Costa Rica from what ive read, but I guess theyve made their way to east texas. Theres quite alot of them on my porch each night. i can see around 20 a night.

  • Carmen 4:13 pm on October 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    Louis Vuitton.. 

    What do you mean?! How can you not like this?! (oh sarcasm, how i love you)


  • Carmen 9:39 am on October 12, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    Movie Review of X-Men Origins (with Wolverine) 

    Pretty dumb.  Hugh Jackman has definitely been working out.

    • Emilily 10:57 am on October 12, 2009 Permalink

      I agree. Dumb. It is a little better if you turn the volume off, and waaay better if you turn the volume off and just leave it on pause when the screen looks like this…


  • Carmen 9:23 pm on October 11, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    failing better… 

    Little did I know, there was an Eggs en Cocotte cook off happening at my house this weekend.  As you know, I made it on Saturday and then Max made it today.  I have to say there were good and bad things about each one.  Max made his with red onion and tomatoes.  I really liked the tomatoes but the downside is that the water from the tomatoes cooks out and makes it kind of runny.  Where Max has me beat, however, is the use of power tools to finish it up.  If you recall, I recommended using your broiler to brown the cheese at the end… turns out you could also use a heat gun commonly used for drying/melting paint.  You just got learned.


    • Olga 10:30 am on October 12, 2009 Permalink

      There just no end to what you can do with a power tool in hand.

    • Emilily 10:44 am on October 12, 2009 Permalink

      Dang, that does look nice and toasty on top! I agree, a blow torch or flamethrower of some sort is an integral kitchen tool!

  • Carmen 11:26 am on October 10, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Eggs en Cocotte 

    I love breakfast. (ok, and lunch and dinner) I’ve been trying to perfect Eggs en Cocotte for years now and I still can’t make it perfectly but it has gotten better over years at least.  I fail better at it nowadays. Its takes a long time to make but the end result is so cute and yummy that it makes it worth it – most of the time… unless you mess it up and then breakfast becomes a frustrating event that makes me want to cry.  Aaannyways, today was successful.  You can make it with alot of different ingredients.  Today I chose leeks, but in the past I have made it with bacon and onions or mushrooms or fennel – you could get imaginative.

    Chop the leeks up real fine and saute them for about 15 minutes (do not burn them like I did!).  Grate a little bit of nutmeg into the leeks while they’re cooking, add salt and pepper.  Then put the leeks into buttered ramekins, crack a couple of eggs in each one, add salt and pepper.  Then put the ramekins in a casserole dish and pour boiling water into the casserole dish to surround the ramekins, and then put it in the oven!  Half way through put some parmesan cheese (or gruyere) on there.  I think it takes about 20 minutes at 375 degrees but its kind of something you need to decide on by watching it, its tricky.  Sometimes the center will still be runny while the rest is perfectly done.  I like to take it out at that point and finish it up in the microwave for about 20 seconds.  Voila!  (one thing I would change is maybe to cook it in the broiler (if you have one, which I don’t) so the cheese gets nice and toasty)



  • Carmen 2:26 pm on October 9, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Not sure what is up with me today… 

    But all i can do is look at these funny pictures of Stormtroopers and read Emails from Crazy people.  I am getting zero work done but at least I’m eating alot of cookies! High five!

    • Emilily 2:38 pm on October 9, 2009 Permalink

      Well, those were friggin’ hilarious. AND, more importantly, I learned the proper spelling of straitjacket.

  • Carmen 2:07 pm on October 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    Whats this now? 

    oh by the way – someone cured cancer aaaaaaand I can live forever now.

    • Emilily 2:42 pm on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      innnnteresting. It sort of looks like you’ll have to pick one or the other – either live forever as a telomerase-tumor-growing science project, or stay all mortal and low-tech.

  • Carmen 11:48 am on October 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    Review of Raw Minerals 

    So I recently tried a free trial from glow.com (I am not linking it because no one should be visiting this site) for only $4.95!  That is until 30 days go by and if you don’t read the fine print (i didn’t) then they charge you a whole lot more!  I called and they are refunding me half – but its not good enough. Especially because their product sucks.  And I’m not just saying that because I failed to read the fine print.  I’m saying it because its the gosh darn truth.  If you want your face to age 10 years right in front of your eyes then by all means cake on the Raw Minerals!  They want you to believe that this 4 (four!!) step process of putting foundation on your face will make you glow like the airbrushed models in their ads.  I’m not that much of a sucker ok, I live in reality, I know what photoshop is, but I thought I would try it.  With each new layer I put on it was like the natural glow of my skin (yes, i have that) disappeared only to be replaced by a desert… a cakey, dry desert…on my face.  And no, its not because I didn’t apply it right.  I think any time you are required to put 4 layers of stuff on your face its not going to look good.  I knew that already somewhere in the recesses of my brain, but now I know it for REAL!


    • Olga 3:28 am on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      Whoa there Silver! Thems are fightin’ words! I’m getting the feeling that you might not think too highly of the above product. I found a jar of this product on my bathroom floor just a few weeks ago (i think a guest dropped it and left it). Anyway, I tried it out because I’m always game for new facial product and well… it was free. I thought it looked good for the first 30 minutes or so.. then it went flat and had a drying effect on my skin. Of course I had only one layer on, I can only imagine what 4 layers would do!

    • Emilily 11:20 am on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      Oh, the fine print. I am embarrassed to admit, I fell for one of those a few months back and bought, of all the snake-oil hocus-pocus loony-bin products, a bottle of acia berry multi-vitamins. It was during one of my ill-advised attempts to kick the caffeine habit, and I thought “maybe this will help me off coffee, and hey, it’s a free sample, what could go wrong?” Oh, famous last words. You know what happened – I had to call and argue with this obnoxious call center in Indonesia after they tried to tell me I had signed up for a one-year supply, delivered and chargeable monthly. The fine print actually said you had 30 days to cancel, but when I called within the 30 days, they said the return policy had recently been changed to 14 days, how shady is that?! Finally, I called my bank and they helped me block the charges; apparently, they have an SOP for just this type of scenario because I guess I was like the 10,017th person to fall for it. What a sucker.

      Four layers of face product is excessive, I agree. But I see how you were tempted by the promise of glowing skin; the luminosity of my aging skin is something that keeps me up at night. Seriously.

    • Carmen 11:28 am on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      Emily, losing sleep over your aging skin is exactly what will cause your skin to lose its luminosity (not to mention sleep apnea). I guess its time to invest in La Mer??

    • Emilily 11:56 am on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      Oh yeah, cause I have way more faith in miracle Canadian seaweed than miracle rain forest berries. Maybe I’ll just burn my money and plaster the ashes on my face instead.

  • Carmen 9:57 am on October 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

    Some new favorite words… 

    In honor of our new category of words or language or whatever we were going to call it I thought I would let you know of a couple new words that I’ve learned and I’m going to try and incorporate them into my everyday speech.  Ready? Ok, First (and we can thank Max for telling me about these words) Mise en Place. Literally “putting in place” or “things in their place”.  Its used in professional kitchens usually but it can be used anywhere!  I’m using it while organizing random boxes, while doing laundry, and while driving and getting hit by a drunk driver! That guy was definitely not in his right place! Don’t worry, everything is ok except for my side mirror, which is also not mise en place.

    Ok, second, QA.  I know, its not exactly a word but it stands for Quality Assurance.  I’m sure you could have guessed that.  Some background – “Two key principles characterise QA: “fit for purpose” (the product should be suitable for the intended purpose) and “right first time” (mistakes should be eliminated).”  Its definitely a foreign concept for me to do something right the first time.  I’m more of a trial and error kind of girl.  But I’m trying to change, really! I think I like it because it sounds like good slang too. Like, here are a couple examples where you could use it:

    1) “I’ll be ready in a minute! I have to QA my face!”

    2) “This customer service sucks, we need to QA right on outta here.”

    I think the punctilious authorities might have a problem with me using it this way but luckily they don’t know where I live.  Speaking of punctilious – another of my new favorite words!  I learned it from reading this fabulous article which I’m sure you will find equally interesting considering your logophile tendencies.

    • Emilily 11:57 am on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      This is a great post; it is exactly what I envisioned our WORDS category posts to encompass. This weekend I plan on finishing the intro to the WORDS category…and working on our About Us pages, of course!

    • Carmen 12:12 pm on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      Well, this post could be the intro…. that would free up some of your time to work on other things.

    • Carmen 12:12 pm on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      Wait, were you being sarcastic?

    • Emilily 12:18 pm on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      No, I wasn’t being sarcastic – this is exactly what I thought our word posts would be like. I am not exactly sure how I envisioned the word post intro going, but I had thought of doing the post in illustrator and using some different fonts and laying it out all poster-y, and then, if it is possible, making that post “sticky” to that category, so it always came up on top but only in that category…not sure how that would work exactly…

    • Emilily 1:32 pm on October 6, 2009 Permalink

      Oh wait, maybe you thought I was being sarcastic about working on the About Us pages this weekend? Yeah, you’re right, I wasn’t really committing to that. (Just kidding, I am totally looking forward to blog work this weekend!)

  • Carmen 3:06 pm on October 1, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    One of my favorite people… 

    Shuna.  She has a blog that I love to read.  She is truly a genius when it comes to food and words.  And she’s open and honest and just a lovely person.  Her newest blog entry is about October and I think she encapsulates it perfectly.  She once had a birthday party for me on the rare and elusive 29th, it was delicious.  I remember pot de cremes at her house and cardomom cookies that were insane and I remember when I first met her at Aziza on my 3rd (about) date with Max – Ah, such fond memories!  Now she lives far away.  I wish we could go to London just to have  a meal with her.  Maybe someday…

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